Jimmy E Zuniga

International & Domestic Businesses Manager - Bilingual Brand Developer

Something about me

I am a bilingual brand developer. My near 10-year experience in sales and business development, combined with my background in law, allows me to develop brands / products from the ground. I am also able to identify, negotiate, secure, and execute successfully projects in different parts of the world.

Background in Law

Associate degree in law and extensive experience in international settings

International Businesses

B. Sc. in international businesses - Bilingual (English & Spanish)

Brand developer

Successfully developed more than 10 brands of electrical products in Latin America


My core value. I intend to gain your trust by being professionally and social responsible


I pursue my goals with constance and patience

Critical thinking

I work every day to attain broader understanding of my surrounding through critical thinking.

Branding And Identity

I can be your trusted partner in positioning brands internationally

Intellectual property

I can guide you on the protection of rights for brand and products in international settings


Let me get you a better deal and assess with you all your possibilities and BATNA

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Professional References

Juan Acevedo

Juan Acevedo

Jimmy is a skilful manager. I learnt a lot from him.

Casimiro Vargas

Casimiro Vargas

Trabajador y honesto y muy capaz en su trabajo. laboró para mi firma hace muchos años y mostró a cabalidad su capacidad, comperencia y deseos de superación.

David Urbain

David Urbain

Ernesto is a hard working and dedicated to his job. He has desire and focus on his goals.

Fersen Aguilar

Fersen Aguilar

Few people have the opportunity to work with someone as talented and focused as I did when I worked alongside Ernesto. He is a natural when it comes to sales and leadership. His motivation is contagious which helps his team secure business opportunities.